[vtkusers] visualizing regular grid with nearest neighbour (lack of) interpolation

Jesper J. Henriksen jjh at dantecdynamics.com
Mon Dec 9 08:58:42 EST 2013

Im trying to visualize a grid of datapoints , and have been unble to
disable the liniear intrpolation of the color values.
The grid of points is generated using the chain: vtkActor ->
pvtkPolyDataMapper -> pvtkProbeFilter -> pvtkPlaneSource ->
pvtkDelaunay2D -> pvtkPolyData.
Where the polydata points are placed in a rectangular grid, and set in
the following manner:



setting the SetInterpolationToFlat() on the actor does not have the
desired effect.
neither does InterpolateScalarsBeforeMappingOff on the
Is it possible to do a nearest neighbour lookup of the values?
Best regards
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