[vtkusers] Odd Qt-ITK-VTK situation

Gib Bogle g.bogle at auckland.ac.nz
Sat Dec 7 16:19:22 EST 2013

Sorry about replying to my own question...

I have discovered that uncommenting these previously commented lines in CMakeLists.txt allows the build to complete on the laptop:








I have no idea why these lines are necessary on one computer but not on another.

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Subject: [vtkusers] Odd Qt-ITK-VTK situation

This problem involves VTK in a peculiar way.  I have a Qt+ITK application that I build 64-bit with MSVC2010 on Windows 7.  The build is successful on two PCs, but fails on a laptop.  The error message is:
LINK1181: cannot open input file 'vtkCommon.lib'

The program does not use VTK, and nowhere in CMakeLists.txt is VTK mentioned.  In addition, I have ensured that the path to the 64-bit VTK libraries is in the PATH list.

As far as I can see the build conditions on the different machines are the same - same compiler, same ITK build, same Qt64 build, same QtCreator version - but there is a difference in what I see in QtCreator that may have significance.  On a PC that is successful in building the program, under the project name in the project directory I see CMakeLists.txt, a directory named "Project Files" with a subdirectory "ITK", and the source code files.  On the laptop I see CMakeLists.txt, two directories, "CMake 2.8" and "ITK", and the source files.  I do not understand why "CMake 2.8" turns up in the project directory on the laptop but not on the PC.

I'd be grateful if somebody could shed some light on this odd and annoying problem.

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