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Alethea Bair-Sutherland alethea at anatomage.com
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Thank you for the help! Splitting the geometry is not an option, so I guess I'll look into a custom normal filter.

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You can write your own algorithm to compute normals based on the cell property or you can split your geometry into multiple pieces but that may not be desired. 


On Thu, Dec 5, 2013 at 4:35 PM, Alethea Bair-Sutherland <alethea at anatomage.com> wrote:

Does anyone know if it's possible to have a vtkPolyData->vtkPolyDataNormals that uses face normals for some vertices, and vertex normals for others?
>We have a case where our poly data has some large flat regions, and some high-resolution smooth regions. At the juncture of these regions, vertex normals look weird because the flat regions end up with the interpolated normal from the curved regions. We cannot use vertex splitting because the output mesh can't have duplicate vertices. It seems like vtkPolyDataNormals will only allow an all or nothing approach to face vs vertex normals.
>Any suggestions?-Alethea
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