[vtkusers] SetInput is not a member of...

Matias Montroull matimontg at gmail.com
Fri Dec 6 16:42:16 EST 2013


I've built VTK using Cmake, then compiled it in VS2012. Once done that, I
build GDCM using VTK in Cmake and then I'm trying to build that one in
VS2012. I'm getting about 14 errors saying "'SetInput' Is not a member
of"... Some examples:

'SetInput' Is not a member of vtkDGCMImageWriter
'SetInput' Is not a member of vtkPNGWriter
'SetInput' Is not a member of vtkStructurePointsWriter
'SetInput' Is not a member of vtkTiffWriter

Also I have these type of errors:

IntelliSense: class "vtkGDCMImageWriter" has no member "SetInput"


All seems to be related, did I miss anything during the Generation /

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