[vtkusers] Parallel vtu readers for grids with VTK_POLYHEDRON cells

Rob Harris robertevanharris at gmail.com
Fri Dec 6 03:18:16 EST 2013


When using client-server visualization I find that if my vtu file contains
general polyhedral cells (i.e. VTK_POLYHEDRON cell types), I am unable to
visualize the grid on more than one core. I was wondering, is there some
missing implementation in the parallel vtu reader for the polyhedral cell
case? It seems like the grid is never able to get properly distributed and
paraview just hangs indefinitely upon attempting to load a polyhedral mesh
on more than a single core. It works fine serially though. To get around
this, I have developed a utility which uses METIS to convert a vtu file
into a multi-block data set comprised of N distinct vtu files. Then when I
load that into a parallel client-server session, the polyhedral mesh is
distributed properly and I can visualize it. Obviously this process is much
clumsier than just loading in the original vtu file, so I'm hoping I can
find a fix for this. This bug can be reproduced with any vtu file
containing polyhedral cell types. Any help on this is very greatly


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