[vtkusers] Strange actor disappearing / coloring

Alethea Bair-Sutherland alethea at anatomage.com
Tue Dec 3 14:59:09 EST 2013

I have a bug that has been popping up for a while now that is very strange, and I'm hoping to get some insight into where I might look to find a solution:

We create a modal dialog that has on the order of 10-50 actors that hold polydata.
For some data sets, the first time this dialog is opened, some actors will appear to be missing, but extra polydata will show up in seemingly random locations that duplicates some of the visible polydata, colored with colors that were set for different actors. (For example, if the scene should have 2 spheres colored blue, and a box colored white, one of the spheres might be missing, and an extra blue box might show up randomly in the scene). Even stranger, the second time the dialog is opened, this bug is never present.

I have tried various combinations of actors, and clearing out the renderer, and have found nothing that will reliably fix this problem. One thing that I am not sure about, is if this problem is due to using the same actor in multiple renderers. The application has up to 4 renderers in the main window that are also displaying some of the actors show in the popup. I've read somewhere that reusing actors like this is bad, but if I understand correctly, I'd otherwise have to duplicate the entire polydata->mapper->actor pipeline for each actor I want to show multiple times, and I'd like to avoid this...

We're using mfc on win7, AMD Radeon HD 7770, with vtk 4.21 (yes I know that's way outdated, upgrading is on the list for this coming year)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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