[vtkusers] Dynamically changing color

Darshan Pai darshanpai at gmail.com
Wed Sep 19 13:41:27 EDT 2012

I have a polydata which I have textured with scalar points sampled from a
volume . This volume has a vtkImagePlaneWidget cutting through it in the
My initial setup was to extract the window/level from the
vtkImagePlaneWidget, creat a vtkWindowLevelLookuptable and set the
lookuptable to the polydata.

Sometimes the texture is dark. What my goal is when i change the
window/level on the vtkImagePlaneWidget , the texture shading should change
as well. I do have a windowlevel interaction event I catch to do this , but
i see that even though I update the values of the
vtkWindowLevelLookupTable, the polydata shading does not change.

I tried calling Modified() on the polydata,lookuptable, the mapper etc. but
it does not change .

What might I be missing here. Or is this even possible ?

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