[vtkusers] vtkBMPReader

glbjesus at inf.ufrgs.br glbjesus at inf.ufrgs.br
Mon Sep 17 12:34:25 EDT 2012


I am trying to use vtkBMPReader to read 3D slices(each one a .bmp
image) and output a vtkStructuredPoints, so I can visualize the data.
I am using VisTrails (wich is not important, since it uses vtk with
python) and I have searched all over the internet for how to do this,
and have found only the summary of the vtkBMPReader class, wich
doesn´t help much, since it´s not very formal. I´d like some help on
how to use the vtkBMPReader to open a set of 3D slices as a

Thank you.

-G. Jesus

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