[vtkusers] How does vtkGeometryFilter handle 2D cells overlaid on a 3D cell?

Matt Sutton matt.sutton at padtinc.com
Tue Sep 11 11:16:45 EDT 2012

   I realize I can create a test case to determine the behavior, but I thought I would ask the list first.  How does the vtkGeometryFilter handle the case where you have a vtkUnstructuredGrid consisting of 3D cells (Hexas or Tets) that have 2D cells (Quads or tris) paved on their outer surface already?  Will it extract a single 2D cell for this face comprising the existing overlaid 2D cell, or will it extract two 2D cells; one for the existing and one for the 3D face?  If it does the latter, is there a clean way to get at only one of these faces?  For my case, I don't think it would matter which one, but perhaps I would preferentially choose to keep the existing 2D cell.  Maybe this is where pedigreeIDs are helpful?  I have to admit, I'm still trying to get my head around those.

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