[vtkusers] 3D world coordinates (volume) to 2D display coordinates (slice)

Miguel Sotaquira msotaquira at gmail.com
Wed Sep 5 12:03:37 EDT 2012

Hi everyone,

I'm implementing an application in which the user initializes a 3D volume
(vtkImageData) by selecting a point with the mouse. I'm then storing the 3D
world coordinates of the selected point.

What I want to do know is to display a 2D slice of the volume along with
the selected point. My problem: how to convert the point in 3D world
coordinates to 2D display coordinates in order to correctly display it onto
the 2D slice?

I'm considering using vtkCoordinate, which allows me to "perform coordinate
transformation, and represent position, in a variety of vtk coordinate
systems", but I'm not sure if the methods ComputedDoubleDisplayValue would
give me the desired result.

Thanks for any suggestion.
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