[vtkusers] Trouble building VTK and using with C++

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You can add manually path without CMake using runing Install project in visual studio project that will copy header and libraries to specific folder at time of configure CMake.
Default folder may be program files in windows with VTK directory. But CMake will be lot easier then doing things manually.



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Thx, I'll try that, I got one doubt... is there anyway to code my application in the visual c++ environment without the need of using cmake, i'm new in c++ language as well as for the use of VTK. I'd like to get some advice on how to start so I don't get in so much trouble, im like testing differente features of VTK to finally merge them into a GUI. 

2012/9/4 alex Dowson <alexdowson at hotmail.com>


  It seems you did not includes VTK_LIBRARIES in your demo application . Modifiy your CMake list and add libraries like this.



Rodrigo aka WarHearT
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