[vtkusers] small bug report, extra comma in enum

Trevor Irons trevorirons at gmail.com
Fri Aug 17 22:19:00 EDT 2012

When I compile using gcc on pedantic I've been bothered by a warning for
years. Was hoping someone with commit access could spend about 12 seconds
and fix this.

The warning reads
In file included from external/matplot/matplot.h:40:0,
/usr/local/include/vtk-6.0/vtkXYPlotActor.h:395:28: warning: comma at end
of enumerator list [-pedantic]

In vtkXYPlotActor.h line 395 there is an extra comma :

enum Alignment {
  AlignLeft = 0x1,
  AlignRight = 0x2,
  AlignHCenter = 0x4,
  AlignTop = 0x10,
  AlignBottom = 0x20,
  AlignVCenter = 0x40,
  AlignAxisLeft = 0x100,
  AlignAxisRight = 0x200,
  AlignAxisHCenter = 0x400,
  AlignAxisTop = 0x1000,
  AlignAxisBottom = 0x2000,
  AlignAxisVCenter = 0x4000,         <-- Extra comma right here

I would really appreciate it if someone with commit privileges could remove


-- Trevor
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