[vtkusers] dual QVTKWidget2 of the same scene performance problem

Sylvain Anderegg sylvain.anderegg at cascination.com
Thu Aug 9 09:02:15 EDT 2012

Dear VTK developers,

I am currently trying to develop an application on a dual screen system. 
Therefore I want to show 2 QVTKWidget2 (with openGL context shared) 
showing the very same vtk scene from different point of views. My 
software is connected to some camera that updates the position of some 
tracked objects. Therefore, I call the Render() function of each 
QVTKWidget2 renderWindow for every position update. I don't know if that 
is the best way to do it?

My objects are each composed of a vtkAssembly, in turn containing a 
transformation and several actors read from a vrml model file.

As a first trial I passed the same instance of each of these objects to 
both QVTKWidget2 renderer in order to spare memory. The result was that 
as long as only one QVTKWidget2 is visible it was alright, but when both 
QVTKWidget2 are visible, the frame rate drops dramatically (~2fps on a 
modern computer with professional GPU). As the OpenGL contexts are 
shared I don't get why this happens??

On a second trial I cloned my vtkAssembly objects and passed one to each 
viewer which seems to work better on the framerate side. But now the 
memory footprint increases dramatically. Is there anyway share viewed 
objects between QVTKWidget2? or is there something completely wrong in 
how I created this?


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