[vtkusers] Making vertices "glow"

Jana Sefcikova neollie at gmail.com
Thu Aug 2 07:13:56 EDT 2012

Hi David,

On 1 August 2012 03:21, David Doria <daviddoria at gmail.com> wrote:

> Has anyone ever made points "glow"? We would like to do this to
> indicate a selection in a better than "change the selected points to
> red" type of way. Is there a particular combination of
> diffuse/ambient/specular that would achieve an effect like this?
Do you need 'glowing' or 'shininess' ?
Effect of shininess can be see in 'SpecularSpheres.cxx' in vtk. Only color
would be necessary to change.
Glowing on the other hand, have to be made probably via shaders or via some
image compositions technique.

> Additionally, can an effect like this be applied to of a subset of the
> vertices in a vtkPolyData? The only way to know how to change
> something like that is through actor properties
> (vtkActor::GetProperty::SetDiffuse for example), but of course that
> gets applied to the entire point cloud.

Probably best way would be use shaders and actors materials. You can pass
variable to shader about which point, should glow. (I did not tried
material in VTK but I hope it can be realised as I wrote)
Without using shader you can divide set of input points to tow disjoint
subset- those that should glow and others.Than assign different actor to
 each subset. One would make glowing, other standard colors.

> Any tips?
> Thanks,
> David
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