[vtkusers] How to get intensity of a point on a 3D model

David Doria daviddoria at gmail.com
Wed Aug 31 09:57:01 EDT 2011

>> The intensity I mentioned is light intensity on particular point on my
>> model. My model is composed by 5090 3D points. I put all these points into a
>> vtkPolyData object and bind it to an vtkActor. I haven't set any lighting
>> sources but ambient light.
>> Yes, I want to know how much light in the scene is reflecting from a
>> particular point at the surface of my model.
> And yes, the model is a mesh.

>> Thank you very much.
>> Wenlong

Please keep your replies on the mailing list so everyone can help and learn.

How do you want to specify the point at which to get the intensity? As
a 3D point? Do you want the intensities only at points that exist in
your model? Or also at points inside the model triangles?

Unfortunately I've never done this, but this information will
certainly help you get an answer from someone who has.


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