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Xiaopeng Yang yxp233 at postech.ac.kr
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The second example is what I want since I need to assign the caption to
certain point in a 3D object. However, in the example, the caption itself
does not move when I rotate the sphere. My question is how to make it move
along with the 3D object during rotation.


Thank you so much.




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On Fri, Aug 26, 2011 at 3:43 AM, Xiaopeng Yang <yxp233 at postech.ac.kr> wrote:

Hi Wayne,


It works good. Thank you. However, when I rotate the 3D object, the caption
which associated with a point on the 3D object should be covered (invisible)
when that point is rotated to the backside (invisible). But is always
visible and appear on the object, which can mislead the user  to know the
position of the caption.


Do you have any good idea to avoid this happening?





CaptionActor2D is great for 2D, but for 3D I think you'll want:







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