[vtkusers] [Paraview] KiwiViewer in App Store. New open-source library comingsoon.

Adriano Gagliardi agagliardi at ara.co.uk
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That's good news.
Do you have any plans to port this to Android devices?


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I'm excited to announce Kitware's first entry in the Apple app store.
KiwiViewer is a free, interactive application for exploration of geometric
datasets on multi-touch mobile devices.  You can learn more about the app at
the website here:

  http://kiwiviewer.org <http://kiwiviewer.org/> 

And here is a press release:


In progress are Android and WebGL versions of KiwiViewer.  The KiwiViewer
app uses VTK and a new library we're calling VES: VTK OpenGL ES rendering
toolkit.  We look forward to releasing VES open source under the Apache 2.0
license.   With VES we hope to pave the way for development of VTK
applications on mobile and web platforms.

There's just a few things that we want to get in order before we open up the
repository, so thanks for being patient!  In the meantime, we'd like to hear
your ideas.  What sorts of things would you like to do on the mobile and web

VES is a standalone repository right now, but in the future we see it
becoming a module in the VTK repository, supplementing VTK's current OpenGL
pipeline.  Here's what you can expect in the short term:

-We're aiming for an end of October public release
-VES will include the KiwiViewer app for Android, iOS, and WebGL,
demonstrating how to use VTK in the mobile and web domains
-VES will include CMake scripts for cross compiling VTK on Android and iOS
platforms (using the vtkmodular repository)
-VES will be an open, fully inclusive effort.  We hope the community is
interested in helping us design APIs, and as always patches are welcome and
we can give commit access to community members interested in collaboration.

Stay tuned for future announcements, and don't hesitate to contact us with
your project ideas!  If you're a potential customer who'd like help moving
your current application to a web or mobile platform, you can contact us at
kitware at kitware.com.


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