[vtkusers] Fwd: VTK on Windows XP: no display windows

Jason Sommerville jdsommer at mtu.edu
Wed Aug 24 11:43:23 EDT 2011

I've built vtk on Windows XP according to the directions found here:


I'm using Python 2.7, MSVC++ 2008 (v. 9) and I downloaded the
5.6.1release source code from here:


I can configure, generate, and build without errors. When I run any of
the test executables, however, nothing happens. If I go to the command
line and run them, the program appears to run for a few seconds, maybe
two, and then returns. No display appears with the cone in the window,
no output is put on the console. No error messages.

If I run vtk.exe, (I'll admit, I'm not sure what this executable is
actually supposed to do) it does put up an empty vtk window, but with a
windows gray background, as if there were no OpenGL window in it.

I have tested that OpenGL does, in fact, work on my system.

Any thoughts on why this is happening or what I can do to further debug
the issue?


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