[vtkusers] visualizing NURBS++ surfaces (maybe a FAQ??)

Adriano Gagliardi agagliardi at ara.co.uk
Tue Aug 23 11:36:01 EDT 2011

Is it possible to use a vtkImplicitFunction to generate a NURBS-type
surface? This is something I looked into briefly in the past, but priorities


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Hi Bryn, thank you for your message.
NURBS++ has a function that provide the triangulated surface, but it's
very slow, it recomputes the triangles mesh everytime I call it.

I have to investigate in a deeper way if NURBS++ provides direct access 
to the rendered triangles/quads (I fear that it uses the gluNurbsSurface 
functions, without create them explicitely)
thank you!

> Hi Giancarlo
> It looks like the class vtkExplicitCell is abstract and there seems to 
> be no child classes VTK. I haven't used it (subclassed), so cannot 
> help there.
> Maybe the NURBS++ library can also output triangles or quads (it 
> manages to generate them for OpenGL rendering, so they exist somewhere).
> Then you could fill a vtkPolyData with these triangles/polygons and 
> render as usual with VTK.
> Good luck
> Bryn
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> *Subject:* [vtkusers] visualizing NURBS++ surfaces (maybe a FAQ??)
> Hi everybody,
> I'm using an open source library for NURBS management, called NURBS++.
> I'm able to do everything: creation of the surface, control points 
> moving, surface points moving, visualiation of the surface with OpenGL 
> (gluNurbsSurface...)
> I'm developing a VTK based application, and now I need to visualize 
> the NURBS++ surfaces into VTK pipeline, therefore without using 
> gluNurbsSurface but the VTK rendering
> I found in the VTK documentation the class vtkExplicitCell.h that 
> tells about NURBS surfaces, but I didn't understand how to use it. 
> (http://davis.lbl.gov/Manuals/VTK-4.5/classvtkExplicitCell.html)
> Do you have some suggestion please?
> thank you!
> Giancarlo

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