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Sathish Kumar kingvsk at aol.com
Mon Aug 22 01:42:20 EDT 2011

Hi Fanny,

I am not a .Net Programmer. I am Java guy. So some other person have to 
guide you.

Please add "vtkusers at vtk.org" in your mails then only it will reach all 
vtk users.


On Sunday 21 August 2011 04:34 AM, Claire.Fanny1995 at gmail.com wrote:
> Hi kingvsk  iam Claire and iam working on several Medical projects in Software
> house well now a days i am working on PACS and it is going very well i used
> mdcm Opensource project for DICOM integration using C#.
> Well now iam trying to load DICOM files using *ActiViz.NET 5.6.1 OpenSource
> Edition *by utilizing vtkDICOMImageReader in C#, literally i am not C++
> developer so if anyone on this forum did in C# OR even VB please let me know
> Regards
> Claire Fanny
> Software Developer

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