[vtkusers] Smoothing Points, polylines and additional arrays in polydata

Reicht, Ignaz i.reicht at Dkfz-Heidelberg.de
Thu Aug 18 12:36:49 EDT 2011

Dear Userlist,

I have a set of vtkPoints and vtkPolyLines stored in vtkPolyData. Then, for each point I set an individual value using a vtkUnsignedCharArray and add it to my polydata.
In the next step I want to smooth my polylines and the according values provided in the vtkPolyData object. So far I was using vtkParametricFunctionSource (in combination with vtkKochanekSpline and vtkParametricSpline) for smoothing the polylines. Then the values in my vtkUnsignedCharArray also need to be interpolated explicitely. 

I tried vtkSmoothPolyDataFilter, but this filter does not cause any effect on my vtkPoints - i guess it is not for that purpose -. Is there a more easy way to smooth and interpolate points and according values in a vtkPolyData object?  or have I crossed the border and shall start writing my own vtkFilter?

thanks for any advise


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