[vtkusers] How to remove tissue for MIP?

Michael Xanadu xanadu.michael at googlemail.com
Tue Aug 16 07:30:22 EDT 2011


I have successfuly implemented a MIP (max intensity projection) in my
program. I did it like in VolView - a simple ramp for the preset. Now I want
to add some threshold sliders to remove tissue from the MIP. For example I
wanna remove tissue of high values (bones) so I can see soft tissue
in the MIP which is usually covered by the bones. So I'm looking for a good
solution now:

1. I could manipulate the preset ramp but that would not lead to a desired
2. I could also manipulate manually the original volume data before the
calculation of the MIP and decrease all voxels specified by the theshold.
But that would take a lot of memory and would be very slowly.

So does anybody know another alternative? Maybe I could use a special VTK
filter or something?
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