[vtkusers] vtkImageTracerWidget problem

Thiha Oo thihaucsm at gmail.com
Mon Aug 15 05:52:02 EDT 2011

  I am new to vtk and I am trying to draw a freehand path with
vtkImageTracerWidget on loaded vtkImageData. I set the View Properties for
imagetracer from my vtkImageViewer2's image actor as follow

 m_imageTracerWidget->SetViewProp( m_imageViewer2->GetImageActor( ) );

  The imageTracerWidget can be drawn correctly in front of background image
for the first half of total slices of volume. For example, if the total
number of slices is 100, the tracerWidget was drawn in front of the slices
for slice 0 to 50 but it was drawn behind the slice for slice number 51 to
  Please kindly provide me how to solve this issue for vtkImageTracerWidget.

Thanks and regards,
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