[vtkusers] Find somebody to help us to finish the project and pay money for the work

Maarten Beek beekmaarten at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 8 14:16:00 EDT 2011

You'll get a "nicer" surface model if you start with a cleaner segmentation (the images look very noisy).
It will be easier to create a tetmesh from a nice surface.

1 - Choose a good threshold value.
2 - Fill holes in segmentation (manually or floodfill algorithm or both)
3 - Remove noise outside segmentation (= inverse of point 2).
4 - Marching Cubes on clean segmentation

(5 - Smoothing of surface model)

I never generated a tetmesh with the use of VTK.
Not sure VTK is the way to go, maybe using a FE preprocessor might give better results.


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Subject: [vtkusers] Find somebody to help us to finish the project and pay money for the work


We have an urgent project, and we want to find somebody to help us to do
some work, and we can pay some money for the work.
I think the work is not difficult, if you are familiar with ITK and VTK, 
and also medical image processing.
We read the medical data from DICOM series of CT scan, and then create
tetrahedral mesh for volume modeling. After this, we can do some research
work on the volume models.

And we want to find somebody to do the work like this:
1) Read the 3D image data from DICOM series.
2) Smooth and segment the image.
3) Use the Marching Cubes algorithm to generate the surface mesh.
4) Generate the tetrahedral mesh from the surface mesh, and save into .vtk

I have tried to do some work on this, but I am new to ITK, VTK and medical
image processing, so the result of the surface mesh is not good, there are
holes and noisy data on the surface mesh, and then I cannot generate the
tetrahedral mesh from surface mesh, there are many errors. I have posted the
question on the forum, you can find my link.

If you are interested in the work, you can contact with me, my email is
smallping at fe.up.pt, I am at Porto University.

I can give you the DICOM series, it is the CT scan data of the tooth
The following are the some pictures of my work.


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