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On Thu, Aug 4, 2011 at 10:05 AM, Rackwitz, Karl <
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> Hey folks,
> i would appreciate it if someone could reassure my thoughts.
> I get points from an Surface-Scanner which are ordered in an nxm Array.
> Which is the fastest way of triangulating these points?
> Delaunay2D will take alot of time and i'm positive that a different
> approach is needed.
> Which would you suggest?
> 1. Write an own specialized method depending on the indices?
> 2. Use SurfaceReconstructionFilter?
> 3. Use Polygon->Triangulate?
> I thank the person who shares some Knowledge or hints me in a direction.
> Cheers,
> Karl.

Since your points are a grid, you can just insert them into the vtkPoints of
a vtkStructuredData:


If your points are not in a grid, you could use something like this:

Most level set style methods (Poisson reconstruction, etc :
http://www.midasjournal.org/browse/publication/718) will not work well
unless your shapes are complete objects (i.e. a scan from a single viewpoint
won't work well).

Hope that helps,

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