[vtkusers] Application crashes with VTK 5.6 but works with VTK 5.2 (VC 2008, static linking)

Oliver Kania kania.oliver at googlemail.com
Thu May 27 05:34:48 EDT 2010

my Windows Application crashes when calling
vtkRenderWindowInteractor::Render() the first time during initialization.
This happens only with the official VTK 5.6 version but not with the older
VTK 5.2.
According to the debugger, the procedure GenBuffers has address 0, and thats
why the app crashes.
Here is the VTK code of the method where the crash happens : (bottom of
stack trace)

void vtkPixelBufferObject::CreateBuffer()
  if (!this->Handle)
    GLuint ioBuf;
    vtkgl::GenBuffers(1, &ioBuf);  ///// crash --  GenBuffers is 0 !
    vtkGraphicErrorMacro(this->Context,"after GenBuffers");
    this->Handle = ioBuf;

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,
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