[vtkusers] Trying to make an image Full window expanded

Raúl Ferriz raul at torresyvalero.com
Wed May 26 13:15:30 EDT 2010

Hi all!

I am trying without big success to display an image (dicom slice) on a 
vtkImageViewer2. vtkImageViewer2 is linked with own Renderer, 
RenderWindow, and Interactor. Interactor does nothing, only ignores all 
events with exception of SHIFT+R to allow debugging of this 'feature'.

I'm using example code of BackgroundImage to make imageviewer full 
window. It works ok when slice is on XY plane.

To draw XZ and YZ slice planes I try to apply vtkTransformation on each 
case (with proper rotateX, rotateY and rotateZ) , and seems to work 
because shift+r shows image, (but not full window)  and if I change 
camera position image drawed on same plane as XY slice. BUT when I apply 
the code from BackgroundImage example, do not put camera on correct 

Any advice?

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