[vtkusers] Surfacing Multiple Exact Contour Values from Image Data

jwlee6 at buffalo.edu jwlee6 at buffalo.edu
Fri May 21 12:12:07 EDT 2010

To VTK users:


I currently have labeled 8bit image data, 1 indicating tissue, 2 bone.etc.
I use vtkImageReader to read in the image data.   I need to surface this
data according to its label.  vtkContourFilter and vtkMarchingCubes use
SetValue(surface#,scalar value).  I go ahead and use it like this:







However the output of the surfaces is not correct.   While (2,3) looks
correct, (0,1) and (1,2) are wrong.  They include the surfaces of image data
of which their scalar value was not the specified exact value.


My question is, is the SetValue in these surfacing filters exact?  If not,
what can I do to make them exact?  I prefer not to have to threshold into
separate volumes before feeding into the surface filter for time and space


I noticed a class called vtkDividingCubes that looks it take in exact value
but only one value.  VTK 5.0 looks to only have vtkRecursiveDividingCubes
and this class crashes on me.  I suspect because it is Recursive and I have
a large image data set.  I would always prefer iterative when working with
large data.  


Thanks in advance

Joseph Lee






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