[vtkusers] Rv: vtkcutter

pablo p del castillo pablodecastillo at yahoo.es
Fri May 21 06:55:44 EDT 2010

My problem is not how use vtkcutter, my problem is that when apply vtkspline over cutter is that the points from cutter are mismanaged, so the spline is not ok.
So i would like to known how can i sort the points.


--- El jue, 20/5/10, pablo p del castillo <pablodecastillo at yahoo.es> escribió:

> De: pablo p del castillo <pablodecastillo at yahoo.es>
> Asunto: vtkcutter
> Para: vtkusers at vtk.org
> Fecha: jueves, 20 de mayo, 2010 22:27
> Hello,
> In a intersection between open surface and plane (resulting
> curve), how can i get the ID for extreme points ( i mean
> that points who only are in one cell)?, and if the curve has
> npoints not allways the ID are 0 and npoints-1.
> Advanced thanks,
> Pablo


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