[vtkusers] Background image + vtkImageViewer2 + SetSliceOrientation

Raúl Ferriz raul at torresyvalero.com
Thu May 20 07:02:26 EDT 2010


I have 3 instances of vtkImageViewer2 (each one with his own Renderer, 
RenderWindow and Interactor). They all are connected to same input 
source (a vtkGDCMImageReader). And each one shows one plane (XY, XZ and 
YZ) with correct SetSliceOrientation__(). Until this all works good, 
each render window shows right slice.

But I am trying that images fill his RenderWindow.
To achieve this I just copy pasted code from 
http://www.vtk.org/Wiki/VTK/Examples/Images/BackgroundImage . Only 
differences with my code is that I only have one renderer and one actor.
The result I have is:
-window showing plane XY is shown good
-windows showing plane YZ and XZ shows black, I try to reset camera in 
case that actors were outside clipping range, but nothing is showed on 
this renderers.

But if I set all renderwindows to show XY plane, all renderwindow show 
correct plane (XY)

I have read from sercani:
 >If slice orientation is set another than 2 (xy plane or axial 
orientation), it changes the transform of camera instead of using an 
image transform or >reslicing with vtkImageReslice...

Is this related to this issue?

Many thanks!

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