[vtkusers] Voxel Data from MATLAB to VTK

Brian Davis bitminer at gmail.com
Mon May 17 12:15:43 EDT 2010

So latest in my search for how to do this I came across:


With the important part:

Because vtkArray cannot be stored as attributes of data objects (yet), a
"carrier" object is needed to pass vtkArray through the pipeline.
vtkArrayData  acts as a container of zero-to-many vtkArray instances, which
can be retrieved via a zero-based index. Note that a collection of arrays
stored in vtkArrayData  may-or-may-not have related types, dimensions, or
--end snip--

and looking at the api and input types for ImageData and the volumeMappers
the input to these appears to only be a route that involves vtkDataSet.  I
get the feeling that using the Array classes in an attempt to create image
data is an futile attempt at "round hole square plug" am I correct with this
assessment?  Array data appears to have a path to filters and not image
data.  Is this correct?

Which means I may have to result to awful for loops as in the examples.  I
also looked at the examples for

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