[vtkusers] Why there is a terrace effect in the volume rendering?

朱文武 cool.wenwu at gmail.com
Mon May 17 03:57:13 EDT 2010

hey all,
i don't know why my message was rejected by mail list. So i send it again.
now i encounter a difficult problem and need your help !   I use
vtkVolumeRayCastCompositeFunction to do volume rendering.
The code i use is as the same as in example of
vtkVolumeRayCastCompositeFunction  in vtkhelp. However, when the program
read bmp type dataset,  the performance of volume rendering model is not so
good.  There is a terrace effect when we view the model. Can anyone tell me
why and give a solution?
We know the example read Dicom dataset, and the result is perfect.
Does my problem is associated with the type of dataset ?
The result image is attached.

Thanks for any suggestion !

[image: dafd.png]
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