[vtkusers] vtkArrowSource rotation issue

Markus Ott ott-markus at t-online.de
Thu May 13 10:46:40 EDT 2010


i have a problem rotating vtkArrowSource. A instantiated arrowSource
points from [0, 0, 0] to [1, 0, 0] with it's origin at [0, 0, 0]. If i
want to rotate this thing to [1, 1, 1] what is the correct way to do
this rotation?

Obviously I need a rotation of 45 degrees around the y and the z axis.
Doing this via my actor works for each axis perfectly but putting it all
together the arrow doesn't point to the desired location:

actor.RotateWXYZ(45, 0, 0, 1);
actor.RotateWXYZ(45, 0, 1, 0);

What is the right way of doing this? I just don't get it!

Thanks so far.

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