[vtkusers] Who Tests Recent Mesa?

Kevin H. Hobbs hobbsk at ohiou.edu
Wed May 12 13:08:39 EDT 2010

My builds on the dashboard have been failing because the mesa build has
been failing.

The make targets like linux-x86-64 seem to have become unreliable.

Mesa configured with autotools adds -fvisability=hidden to the compiler
flags which breaks OSMesa.

I am trying out a suggestion I got on the Mesa dev list to make OSMesa
work when configured with autotools, but my experimental build failed
the TestOSConeCxx test with a segfault and a message about
_mesa_add_renderbuffer which is a symbol hidden in libOSMesa.so from
this modified Mesa.

So my questions are:

Which machines on the dashboard use a recent mesa?

How is mesa configured on these machines?

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