[vtkusers] vtkSmartPointer

Artem Babayan artem.paraview at googlemail.com
Tue May 11 06:11:36 EDT 2010


Why does simple statement:

vtkSmartPointer<vtkDataSet> test(vtkSmartPointer<vtkStructuredPoints>::New());

does not compile with the following error:

<..>/vtkSmartPointer.h: In constructor
`vtkSmartPointer<T>::vtkSmartPointer(const vtkSmartPointer<U>&) [with
U = vtkStructuredPoints, T = vtkview::vtkDataSet]':
../VSSet3dScalarVolumeViewer.cpp:59:   instantiated from here
<..>/vtkSmartPointer.h:43: no matching function for call to
<..>/vtkSmartPointer.h:28: candidates are: static T*
vtkSmartPointer<T>::CheckType(T*) [with T = vtkview::vtkDataSet]

vtkStructurePoints are inherited (ultimately) from vtkDataSet isn't it?

I included vtkStructurePoints.h, vtkDataSet.h, vtkStructuredPoints.h
and (just in case) vtkImageData.h to the test program, so inheritance
tree should be known at this point.

Best wishes

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