[vtkusers] Experimental enhanced wrappers for VTK

Dave Partyka dave.partyka at kitware.com
Sat May 8 04:54:38 EDT 2010

Very Awesome sir! :-)

On Fri, May 7, 2010 at 7:09 PM, David Gobbi <david.gobbi at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi All,
> I've been working on some changes to the VTK wrappers and am hoping
> that there are some people here who are willing to try them out and
> let me know if anything breaks.  So far, I've only been testing them
> on the Mac and occasionally on Linux.
> How to get them:
> git clone git at github.com:dgobbi/VTK.git VTKnew
> The new features:
> * fixed support for vtkStdString parameters in all wrapper languages
> * support for vtkUnicodeString parameters in python
> * support for vtkVariant in python
> * fixed selection of overloaded methods based on provided argument
> types in python
> Overall, this represents a fix to the Tcl and Java wrappers (for
> vtkStdString) and a significant enhancement to the Python wrappers.
> The most significant change to the python wrappers is support for
> special types like vtkVariant.  There is a new property called
> VTK_WRAP_SPECIAL that can be set for special types (i.e. types that
> start with ''vtk' but aren't derived from vtkObjectBase) that will
> allow those types to be used from Python.  The methods of these
> special types are wrapped, but not operators like "+" or "-".  Of
> course, after a new special type is wrapped, the //BTX and //ETX
> markers in all header files have to be removed from methods that use
> that type.
> For vtkVariant, the following features are not yet implemented:
> 1) the ToNumeric method, because it's templated
> 2) operators, except for "<<" via python "print" and "str()"
> 3) the "valid" parameter
> In addition to vtkVariant, the vtkVariantCreate(),
> vtkVariantExtract(), and vtkVariantCast() functions are available.
>   David
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