[vtkusers] Converting a Structured Points File to an Unstructured Points/Grid File

Jack teddy.kord at yahoo.co.uk
Fri May 7 14:16:12 EDT 2010


I have a file with a dataset of structured points. I'd like to convert this to a dataset of unstructured points and/or unstructured grid. How can I do this?

So far, this is what I have: 

int main()
//get all data from the file
vtkSmartPointer< vtkStructuredPointsReader> reader = vtkSmartPointer< vtkStructuredPointsReader>:: New();
reader->SetFileName("geometry. vtk");

vtkStructuredPoints* structuredPoints = reader->GetOutput();

//get the number of points the file contains
 vtkIdType numPoints = structuredPoints-> GetNumberOfPoints();
std::cout << "There are " << numPoints << " points." << std::endl;

vtkSmartPointer< vtkUnstructuredGrid> unstructuredGrid = vtkSmartPointer< vtkUnstructuredGrid>::New();


It's incomplete and I'm not sure how to proceed.

Thanks in advance.


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