[vtkusers] Overlay coloring (?lvaro Gonz?lez Lorente)

S, Navneeth (GE, Research) navneeth.s at ge.com
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You need to volume render your dataset.

The red-green temperature map can be realized by adding points to the
color transfer function used in volume rendering.
(However the tricky bit is to find representative points on the
intensity histogram to insert these points)



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Subject: [vtkusers] Overlay coloring
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I need to perform colored overlay displaying in a certain volume, and I
was wondering if anyone would know which class would help me better.
What I am exactly trying to do is to color a CT image (CT volume,
converted into VTK) with different colors, resembling a temperature map
in a certain organ (hottest spot would need to be colored in red, the
coldest one in blue, and yellow, green, orange would go in between).

If anyone knows a clever way of doing this, I would be mroe than pleased
if you let me know. 

Thanks in advance!
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