[vtkusers] Create an approximate cross-section of a RT ROI

Scott Johnson Scott.Johnson at neuwave.com
Tue May 4 10:12:33 EDT 2010

Hello Xiaofeng,


I've been working on something similar, but am not quite there yet.  I
can get you started.


The general idea is that you will need to create a polygonal shape from
the contours in the RT structure set, then create a vtkPlane which
represents the plane you wish to cut.  You can then create a pipeline
which looks something like:


vtkCutter -> vtkPolyDataMapper -> vtkActor


Set the properties of the actor to have EdgeVisibilityOn and an
EdgeColor or the cut shape will not be visible.  The actor will show a
cross section of the ROI intersected with the plane.


The issue I'm having is properly displaying the vtkActor with the
images.  I've extended beyond axial sagittal and coronal and I seem to
be missing something in the coordinate conversions.


Good luck.


                                -- Scott


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Subject: [vtkusers] Create an approximate cross-section of a RT ROI


Hi vtkUsers,

I have a set of contours in axial orientation representing a ROI.  I
need to sketch the ROI in coronal and sagittal plane, by connection the
points made from the intersection of the contours and the cutting plane.
Is there a function to do that in vtk or in ITK?

I know the result is not "precise" in a sense that the contours make
this way is not always consistent between themselves.  But it seemed to
be the only viable way to sketch a ROI in a multi-planar rendering in
real time.

Many thanks!


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