[vtkusers] Problem with zoom, using vtkOpenGLCamera and vtkImagePlaneWidget

Álvaro González Lorente sapito_verbenero at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 24 10:21:04 EDT 2010

I am using vtkImagePlaneWidget to cut a volume in a 3D space, displaying the cut in other 2D view window too. Everytime time I move this plane, I capture the event and update the cut information by calling a procedure I have implemented. Everything works fine, except for the following thing: if I zoom the view of the volume cut in my 2D window with the mouse scroll wheel, and then move the plane again, I lose the zoom view, going back to the original position of the camera.
Could anyone tell me how could I avoid losing the zoomed view while moving the plane? Do I need to change some flag in the vtkOpenGLCamera I am using? Is it maybe related to the wxpython GUI I am using?
Regards, and thanks in advance

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