[vtkusers] Matrix application with filters

Giancarlo Amati ilferraresebono at hotmail.it
Thu Jun 24 07:14:13 EDT 2010

Hello VTkrs! 

I have this problem: I have a dataset with a set of points (x,y,z,1). They are the points of a Polydata. 
I need to project them onto a plane. to do so I need to compute (x/z, y/z, z/z,1), where z dependes on the current point.

If z was constant the matrix would be easy to build and I could set a PolyDataFilter to apply it all over the polydata. But as Z is the 3rd coordinate of each point itself... is there a way to dofine a matrix or a filter which does what I would like to do? 

Otherwise I would scrool through the entire dataset, point by point, shoudn't I? 

many thanks,
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