[vtkusers] vtkMarchingCubes->vtkSmoothPolyDataFilter->vtkCurvatures

Liam Kurmos quantum.leaf at googlemail.com
Tue Jun 22 10:48:48 EDT 2010

Still working on why im getting contour like lines of negative
curvature on spherical surface extracted with marching cubes.

I decided to play with the lookup table in case the curvatures values
what not being mapped as i expected.

vtkLookupTable* lut = vtkLookupTable::New();
    lut->SetHueRange(0.0, 0.4); //Red to Blue
    lut->SetAlphaRange(1.0, 1.0);
    lut->SetValueRange(1.0, 1.0);
    lut->SetSaturationRange(1.0, 1.0);
    //lut->SetRange(99, 100);


    vtkPolyDataMapper *polyMap2 = vtkPolyDataMapper::New();

I discovered that even when i put silly values in for the arguments to
lut->SetRange there is no affect on the output. Can anyone tell me why
this is?

Should i be trying to look at the numerical values of the scalars?
what would be a good way to do this?

> ive also noticed im getting the following throw to the command line:
> ERROR: In /build/buildd/vtk-5.2.1/Graphics/vtkCurvatures.cxx, line 63
> vtkCurvatures (0x81b540): No points/cells to operate on
> althought vtkCuravtures seems to be generating scalars.

I didn't spot this at first but this runtime message refers to
vtk-5.2.1 i thought i just build 5.6, does this mean something went
wrong with the install?

best regards,


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