[vtkusers] Image Slice oddity

Doug Hoppes dhoppes at mbfbioscience.com
Thu Jun 17 07:47:33 EDT 2010

Hi all,


                A month or so ago, I was working with the ImageReslice
capability and things seem to be working pretty well.  In my test, I was
able to create  a volume, take a random slice at any X/Y/Z angle and
then save that slice.  I was also able to take 20 additional slices that
were perpendicular to the first image reslice.  So, that works great.


                Things work pretty well when my slice is totally within
my volume.  However, when the slice get's near the edge of the volume, I
just get a black square.  I would expect to see the part of my data in
the edges.  I can post code/pictures if that would be helpful.




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