[vtkusers] Vtkpcastatistics eigenvectors

David Thompson dcthomp at sandia.gov
Tue Jun 15 13:53:20 EDT 2010

> I'm trying to use the Vtkpcastatistics filter for an eigenvectors  
> analysis. But i'm not sure where the corresponding eigenvalues and  
> eigenvectors are stored in the output of the filter. Does someone on  
> the list have some experience with the filter?
Hi Stefan,

There are some links to PDF reports on the various statistics engines  


See the Documentation section near the bottom of the page.

The PCA statistics filter (with the Learn option turned on, the  
default) takes a vtkTable containing observations and generates (on  
the filter's second output) a multiblock dataset whose first block is  
a vtkTable containing means and centered sums of co-moments; and whose  
following blocks (assuming you have also turned on the filter's Derive  
option) are tables laid out as shown here:


Specifically, http://paraview.org/Wiki/File:PCADerivedData.png shows  
how the eigenvalues and eigenvectors are reported.


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