[vtkusers] append colour polydata triangle mesh to greyscale triangle mesh..

Gordon Stevenson gordon.stevenson at lmh.ox.ac.uk
Sat Jun 5 12:48:10 EDT 2010


I have two meshes created by using vtkProbeFilter a segmentation of a 3D
volume of an ultrasound volume, one with the greyscale data and one with the
Doppler data, I'd like to combine the two meshes into one (the dimensions
and spacings of the meshes are different), the only problem being that the
scalar values for the two meshes are the same (unsigned char -> 0..255) .
What would be the best solution to be able to create a mesh that has both
greyscale values and color values?

I thought of two methods -- nudging the color values above the current
0->255 range, and create a lookuptable or colortransferfunction that takes
this into account.

Some way of indicating the point is a color or greyscale point and coloring
appropriately... although I'm not sure about how to implement this.

Would the usergroup have any ideas or tips as how to get going?

Any help would be appreciated,

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