[vtkusers] Makefile for checkout from cvs of kitware releases

Darren Weber darren.weber.lists at gmail.com
Mon Mar 30 16:18:51 EDT 2009

See attached Makefile.

For example, to get VTK-5-4-0 by a cvs checkout, do:
$ make VTK

Note that it has specific path assumptions and it removes any current
checkouts in the target paths.  It's only doing cvs checkout, using a
release tag.  It's not initiating a build (that's handled with ccmake, but
it could be automated with cmake, if you get the right options).  Perhaps
the whole thing could be easier with a direct cvs command to update a
current checkout, but it makes no assumptions and starts from scratch.  It
does have some release tags hard-coded - any suggestions on how to get them
automatically for the current release would be great.

Take care, Darren

PS, Perhaps this could go on the kitware wiki?
PPS, Apologies for emailing this to multiple lists, but it does cover
multiple kitware projects.
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