[vtkusers] QVTKWidget mouse event detection

Wylie, Brian bnwylie at sandia.gov
Mon Mar 30 16:04:59 EDT 2009

There's a nice example 'qtevents' in the vtk examples directory (VTK\Examples\GUI\Qt\Events). You might look at that for starters...
(Clinton, cc'd, wrote the example)

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Good morning everybody,

I have my GUI build up in QT and an object of the class QVTKWidget as a central object on my main window. Now,
I'm trying to capture the button pressed event of the mouse accurring in my qvtkwidget object but unfortunately I'm not able to do it.
So, I wonder if I have to write my own class and derive it from the QVTKWidget class and the rewriting its member for the mouse event or...is there a way to capture the mouse event occurring in the rendering window of VTK?

Kind Regards.


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