[vtkusers] connecting vtkKWImage & vtkKWImageIO to itkFilters

Bryn Lloyd blloyd at vision.ee.ethz.ch
Mon Mar 23 10:21:19 EDT 2009

Hi Sergio

> My question is, I noticed 
> that you write a xxx.txt file of the seeds you select with this 
> application.
> Do you later on read the seed.txt file in ITK? or can you export the 
> seeds from VTK to ITK?
> Thank you again.
> Sergio

Well sometimes I might want to read them later. But If you build an 
application using the ImageViewer class, you can also do the following:

say viewer is a ImageViewer, then you can access the seed points like this:

   SeedPicker *seedpick = viewer->GetSeedPicker();
   vector<SeedPicker::Index> ind;

Have a look at SeedPicker.h for a definition of the Index struct.


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