[vtkusers] Create an AVi file for a 3D volume : Vol View error message

Nour Mestiri nourmestiri at yahoo.fr
Mon Mar 23 09:28:49 EDT 2009

Thank you Martine.
I tried to create yhe file usuing VolView but i got an error message : "The VTK file specified is either invalid or not a structured points data file.Of the different data types that vtk files can contain, only structured points is suitable for volume rendering."
How can i resolve that problem?
Thank you so much

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De: Martine Lefevre <martine_lef at yahoo.fr>
Objet: Re : [vtkusers] Create an AVi file for a 3D volume
À: "Nour Mestiri" <nourmestiri at yahoo.fr>
Date: Mardi 10 Mars 2009, 12h13

Hi, Volview offers such functionality.
just load your volume (open it by volview) than go to view and then animationand then enter the parameters to create your avi file. 

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De: Nour Mestiri <nourmestiri at yahoo.fr>
Objet: [vtkusers] Create an AVi file for a 3D volume
À: "vtk" <vtkusers at vtk.org>
Date: Lundi 9 Mars 2009, 16h44

Hi all vtk users.
I need your help to resolve this problem.
I make the reconstruction of a 3D volume and i save it as a VTP file and a VRML file.
I want to create an AVI file which allows me to visualize this file from different angles (when i open this file, i should turn the volume).
Is it possible? If yes, how can i do it?
Thank you

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