[vtkusers] undefined reference to 'QVTKWidget::QVTKWidget'

Yifei Li yifli at mtu.edu
Fri Mar 20 21:32:21 EDT 2009

The undefined reference error occurred in ui_vtkgui.h (qvtkwidget = new QVTKWidget(someParentWidget)), which is automatically generated by qt/eclipse integration.
The other function qvtkwidget->GetRenderWindow() does not cause any linking error.

If I remove -lQVTK from 'LIBS', I'll get another linking error:
undefined reference to 'QVTKWidget::GetRenderWindow()'

So I think the dynamic library libQVTK.so must be linked, at least partially.  I checked the symbols defined in libVTK.so using 'nm' command and confirmed myself 'QVTKWidget' is
indeed defined:

0000b4d0 T _ZN10QVTKWidgetD0Ev
0000b560 T _ZN10QVTKWidgetD1Ev
0000b5e0 T _ZN10QVTKWidgetD2Ev
00015a40 V _ZTI10QVTKWidget
00012034 V _ZTS10QVTKWidget
00015800 V _ZTV10QVTKWidget
0000b4c0 T _ZThn40_N10QVTKWidgetD0Ev
0000b550 T _ZThn40_N10QVTKWidgetD1Ev

I'm running out of ideas. Who can help?


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Subject: [vtkusers] undefined reference to 'QVTKWidget::QVTKWidget'

Hi all,

I'm trying to compile an example of Qt4 and VTK integration - 
SimpleView.  Although I included all the libraries (I use qmake):
LIBS += -L/usr/lib \
           -lQVTK \
        -lvtkHybrid \
        -lvtkVolumeRendering \
        -lvtkIO \
        -lvtkRendering \
        -lvtkGenericFiltering \
        -lvtkGraphics \
        -lvtkImaging \
        -lvtkFiltering \
        -lvtkCommon \
        -lvtkftgl \
        -lvtkDICOMParser \

compilation still failed with the error message:
debug/vtkgui.o: In function `Ui_MainWindow::setupUi(QMainWindow*)': 
undefined reference to `QVTKWidget::QVTKWidget(QWidget*, 

Any Ideas? Thanks in advance


P.S. Development Environment:
OS: Fedora 9
IDE: Eclipse 3.3.2
Compiler: g++ 4.3
Qt: 4.3
Qt/Eclipse integration for qt-4.5.0
VTK: 5.0

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